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Where your money goes….

The pre-school is a not-for-profit charity, which means that any profit we do make is put straight back into the pre-school.  Unfortunately, due to being under funded by the local authority for the 15 hours, meaning that we actually lose money for every funded hour a child attends the setting, it is becoming increasingly hard to break even, let alone make a profit, which is why our fundraising activities are of such huge importance to us.

The money that is raised and donated is used in a variety of different ways, including;

  • Paying for the use of the scout hut
  • Buying arts and craft materials
  • Purchasing new toys and learning resources
  • Buying new books
  • The purchase of larger items like our new ‘wellie’ and storage sheds

We are exceptionally grateful to everyone that supports us so generously, from other village organisations like the Rotherfield and Mark Cross Bonfire Society, to our wonderful families who buy cakes and support our social events.  

POPS (Parents Of Pre-School) are a group of parents, who are keen to help organise fundraising activities, raising vital funds for the Pre School. As a group, we have evolved from the former committee to concentrate purely on fundraising.


All of us that regularly contribute to the group agree that it is a fun and sociable opportunity to get together and raise funds for, what we all agree is an amazing Pre-School and facility for our children.

The money we raise is used to fund projects that the Pre School would not otherwise be able to afford and gives the children greater opportunities. In the past this hasn’t only been educational equipment, but special mementos and treats, so that the children get that little bit extra.


Each year we set ourselves a target - this year it is £3000. It would be fantastic if we were to exceed this. It would not be possible to reach our goal if it not were for your help and support. We always welcome new members to come along and join us - many formative friendships are made at the Pre-School stage, and it is our aim to make this group a great social experience as much as it does good. 

We usually meet once a month in the evening at The Kings Arms pub @ 8pm for a friendly, informal chat to discuss the events.  If evenings are a problem, we also have a monthly coffee morning social held at The Courtyard Tearooms in Rotherfield. Please look on the diary link for meeting dates.

If you can’t join us, please do come and support any of our future events or use the easyfundraising.org.uk button to make your online purchases.

All events are advertised in the school Newsletters and at the Pre-School.

Thank you in anticipation of your continued support.

£1,000 £500 £1,500 £2,000 £0

September 2018 - August 2019

Donation from the Courtyard £30

T1 Voluntary Contributions £144.55

Halloween Party £81.00

Vino Bingo £210.45

Family Fun Day (community event) £20.10

T2 Voluntary Contributions £134.80

Cake sale £58.00

School Christmas Fair £16.00

Christmas Wreath Making £357.10

Christmas Raffle £409.80

Nativity Photos £205.00

Nativity Refreshment Donations £74.46

T3 Voluntary Contributions


Cake Sale £62.18

Easyfundraising.org.uk £60.91

September 2017 -

July 2018

You raised £3,089.49

September 2016 -

July 2017

You raised £3,685.51

Thank YOU!!

£3,000 £2,500